Ken Nunes

His career as an electrical engineer in London spanned between 1970 and 1985, working for the multinational companies Electrical Installations Ltd (Raytheon Group) and later Lakers Mechanical (Kyle Stewart Group), who in 1989 joined forces with Livia Tirone who together pioneered the design and promote sustainable buildings in Portugal.

Responsible for bringing the theme of Sustainable Construction to the attention of the general public in Portugal and retain the position of market leaders in this field, with over 200 dwellings inhabited and over 4.000 metre square of office and commercial areas, the best known being Torre Verde, the first residential bioclimatic tower in Portugal, located in the area of EXPO ’98, Lisbon.

CoAuthor of the book Construção Sustentável (Sustainable Construction) published in 2007, which has become the reference in Sustainable Construction in Portugal, with the 3rd Edition published in September 2009.Since 1993, Ken Nunes has been a member of the executive board of the European Housing Ecology Network, becoming the Chairman of the organization between 2004 and 2007.

In June 2005 Ken Nunes was elected president of the Portuguese Solar Energy Society (SPES) and created a new dynamic presence of this Non Governmental Organization in the national market, being responsible for bringing the ISES International Conference EUROSUN2008 to Portugal.



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