Hendry van Branden

An Attorney at Law by profession, Hendry van Branden practiced as an attorney in Johannesburg between the years of 1988 and 2000, creating his own successful law practice. Hendry van Branden's area of expertise is litigation, although his practice covered a wide range of legal specialties, including a significant part of pro bono work in the Johannesburg community.

In 2000, he decided to create AV Mouldings, accepting the new challenge as an entrepreneur and developing his managerial skills in the commercial world of construction. AV Mouldings have over the last 9 years become one of South Africa's leading companies in the specific field of Polymer Concrete and related products. AV Moundings boast a long list of very high profile Clients. Hendry van Branden was responsible for writing the now National Specification for Polymer Concrete published in 2003.

Being aware of the new demands facing South Africa in the energy sector he has understood the strategic importance of the need for South Africa to seriously address the issue of energy, which together with his deep felt concerns for the environment, naturally extends to energy efficiency and renewable energies.

With the forming of E4 South Africa, Hendry van Branden has created the vision of developing the first BEE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy company in South Africa, with the clear mission of creating lasting wealth through the environmentally friendly developments and projects, through the development of strategic partnerships with experts throughout the world, whilst creating quality jobs in the sector.

He is also a Director in other community related Micro and Small companies, where he was invited to offer his expertise.


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