Although formed in 2008, it would be true to say that E4 South Africa is a company with over 50 years experience. Founders Hendry van Branden - CEO, and Ken Nunes - COO, has created a vision of developing an Independent Power Producers, Energy Efficiency and Endogenous Energy company in South Africa.

With the South Africa Government kick starting the renewable energy development process with the launch of the Independent Power Producers Programme and the Renewable Energy Feed in Tariff (REFIT), the renewable energy market is well and truly on a very exciting curve to create a sector ideally suited to the needs of South Africa.

E4 South Africa is a company dedicated to playing an important role in the renewable energy sector in South Africa, by developing market initiatives aimed at advancing Sustainability in the Built Environment, partnering with experts in the field of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the Construction Sector, creating the platform for the effective transfer of technical know-how, utilising best available technologies, creating the conditions for attracting investors to South Africa, by preparing financially viable projects, with excellent local job creating potential.

E4 South Africa's has outlined quantifiable objectives in design, construction, operation and maintenance, together with management, IT and other related indirect activities. Every effort is made to ensure skills transfer is at the forefront of each and every decision taken and are proud that our own Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Policy, is an integral part of the company's commitment.


We will let you know what we are up to from time to time...